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Councilman Joey Jackson


I would like to introduce myself.  I am Laura B Smith.  I was born and raised in Keiser all my life.  Keiser has always been called home to our family, which started many years ago.  I am a single mother with two children, Brock (20) and Shelby (17).  I work at Kennemore-Wilson Agency and Real Estate for 13 years and I am on my third term on the Keiser City Council.
I would love to see Keiser thrive again as it did once before.  I wish everyone would pull together to make this a beautiful place as it once was.  I know many of you remember the town that was a great place to live.  People knew everyone and helped everyone.  Yes at that time it took a village to raise our children and I wish our children now knew how fortunate we were.  I wish our children could go back to see how it was in Keiser years ago.
Why can’t we have that again?  I would like to see businesses in town thrive, people take pride in their homes and yards.  Neighbors helping neighbors.  I would like to see the negativity gone and we come together as one and get our town where we are proud to say we live in Keiser.

Resident-first Priorities: Mayor, Council members, city administrators, and employees should always strive to put the needs of the communities we serve above all else. This starts with identifying the strategic priorities that matter most to our citizens.

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