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Special Events Committee

The special events committee in the city is actively involved in raising funds for the City Park through various activities. They organize auctions where community members can bid on donated items, and the proceeds go towards the maintenance and development of the park. Additionally, the committee coordinates with food truck vendors to come into town and offer a variety of delicious food options to visitors, with a portion of the sales also going toward the park.

One of the highlights of the committee's efforts is the annual Fall Festival, which is planned and executed with great attention to detail. The festival features a variety of activities and attractions such as pumpkin carving contests, live music, and local vendors selling their wares. This event draws visitors from near and far, and the proceeds raised from the festival are used to fund various park projects throughout the year. Overall, the special events committee plays an important role in raising funds and awareness for the City Park, and their efforts help ensure that the park remains a vibrant and cherished community asset.

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