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The KEISER WATERWORKS is a public water system subject to regulation under the federal Safe Drinking Water Act.  Those regulations require the notification of customers whenever a violation occurs, and the basis for this notice.

The water system failed to retain a qualified, licensed operator for the period of October 2023.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency sets national standards for drinking water and has established a requirement that certain public water system must be operated by a qualified operator.  The Arkansas Department of Health defines a qualified operator as a person holding an appropriate valid Water Operator’s License based on the type of water system and the population served.

Failure to meet this requirement does not necessarily mean that the water is unsafe or alternate sources of water should be used.

Detail the action(s) taken to correct the violation:

To rectify this, we have successfully renewed our Water Operator’s License. This renewal ensures that our operator now holds an appropriate and valid license, as mandated by the Arkansas Department of Health. This license is specifically tailored to our water system's type and the population we serve, reaffirming our commitment to providing safe and reliable drinking water.

We want to assure our customers that this lapse in compliance did not indicate that our water was unsafe or that there was a need to seek alternate water sources.

Should you have any questions concerning this notice, contact the water system at 870-526-2300 or the Engineering Section of the Department of Health at 501-661-2623


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